Fast-food is a popular eating option for a large part of the population today. Its convenience makes it possible to have a full meal quickly. Drive-throughs and delivery options make it even more convenient for others. It is generally agreed upon that fast-food is unhealthy and that it can cause serious health issues eventually. That knowledge has not affected the popularity of eating this kind of food. The bad health effects of eating fast-food are only going to get worse in the coming years as the desire for instant gratification and convenience is driven by technology.

There are several reasons why fast-food can cause negative effects on your health. The menus served in fast food restaurants are rich in fat, sugar, and salt (Fast Food Tips). Those are the ingredients that normally associated with diseases that are developed because of one’s diet. For example, added sugar has been connected with increased risk in the development of a number of chronic conditions. So the continued consumption of fast-food can lead to some serious health problems eventually since it has the potential to cause diseases. Not only are the ingredients used in making fast-food risky, the amount and size of the servings in which they are served are also problematic. They encourage overeating, which multiplies the danger posed to the consumer. Fast food consumption will continue to cause health problems in the years to come.

Some of the health problems that are connected to eating added sugar on food products include obesity, heart disease, and diabetes (Rippe and Angelopoulos). Obesity affects a large part of the population. It is estimated that more than 160 million Americans are either overweight or obese. One of the reasons why obesity is so common now is because of the regular consumption of fast-food. Obesity itself can lead to other more serious medical conditions like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It is considered to be one of the leading causes of preventable death due to poor health. Unfortunately, these conditions are bound to increase in the years to come together with the consumption of fast-food.

The consumption of fast-food is bound to increase even more. This is partly due to the drive for instant gratification among today’s population, most notably among younger members of society (Anderson and Rainie). Since younger people are exposed to the internet and social media, they have access to the information and the services that they need right away. They have the power to buy the things that they desire just by going online. They want instantaneous results to translate to all aspects of their lives and it is inevitable that they want the same thing with the food that they eat. The most convenient option for them is to eat fast-food which is readily available. They can have it delivered, which removes any responsibility or task on their part. This is why the consumption of fast-food is sure to increase in the years to come.

The bad effects and diseases that are attributed to eating fast-food are bound to increase in the coming years. There is sure to be an increase in the number of cases of obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. These conditions will become even more common among younger people because they are going to eat more and more fast-food. Driven by the desire for instant gratification and results which have been inculcated in their minds by the use of the internet and social media, they will see fast-food as the best option for getting their nutrition. They will choose the easiest and the most convenient option that is available to them.

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